International Exchange and Overseas Study

The university was established in 1888 under the name, Nara Normal School for Teachers, and has continued providing education for over 130 years with its name changing to Nara University of Education along the way.

The university, where we study and instruct theoretics of arts and science as well as its application, aims at developing cultivated human resources of high intelligence, especially competent advancement of characteristic culture in Nara.

The standard of education for overseas students in this institution has also gained a strong reputation due to its excellent educational content that exploits the special features of the ancient city of Nara.

In particular, those overseas students of Japanese language and culture are especially privileged as their campus and dormitory are located close to the center of Nara City, making it convenient for them to access both the traditional and modern cultures of Japan. For example, they are able to visit designated national treasure shrines, temples and statues on a daily basis in Nara, with those of Kyoto, another ancient city, not a great distance away too. Alternatively, there are many modern attractions of Osaka to discover just a 30-minute train ride away.

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