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4 Off-Campus Activities (Part-Time Work)

  1. When foreign students wish to engage in off-campus activities (part-time work), they are required to obtain permission from the Nara Branch Office, Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau.
  2. Permitted Working Hours
    • 28 hours or less per week for regular curriculum students, research students and auditing students
  3. Part-time work in entertainment and amusement businesses, such as bars and cabarets, is strictly prohibited.

*Request form regarding the alternate application for permit for off-campus activities (Designated forms are available.)

Key to Deciding on a Job

  • Does it correspond to the purpose of studying in Japan? Is it reasonable taking into consideration health and education commitments?
  • How do you receive your salary? Is it a dangerous job? Is there insurance provision in the case of injury?

Advice from a Former Student

Part-time work can offer a great opportunity to learn the manners and customs associated with the workplace.
However, I've known some friends who neglected their studies as a result, which meant a poor attendance record at the university. The consequence of this was they had to return to their country as they were not able to renew their visa.
The purpose of your stay in Japan is not to engage in work. Please do not forget that.