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2 Academic Organization

Faculty of Education

Division Course  
Department of Teacher Training and School Education Educational Progress Pedagogy
Early Childhood Education
Special Support Education
Curriculum and Instruction Japanese
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Health and Sports Science
Home Economics
Traditional Culture Calligraphy
Cultural Heritage

Nara University of Education offers three undergraduate major programs for deeper learning: "Educational Progress", "Curriculum and Instruction", and "Traditional Culture Education". Students enrich their "Learning Histories" through on-campus learning along with off-campus experiences (teaching practice at the affiliated kindergarten and schools, school support at public schools, and volunteer activities).
The "Learning Histories" practically enhance the students' technical competence in course instruction, their clinical competence in education, and their capability to deal with various issues.

Graduate School of Education

Division Major
Master Course Human Development
Curriculum and Instruction
Professional Development in Education

The aim of the Graduate School of Education is to nurture high-level education staff with specialist abilities and superior qualities, and professionals with basic educational and research abilities and the ability to deal with contemporary educational issues, in order to deal with the growing diversification and increased level of practical and clinical education in from both a systematic and practical point of view. We also aim to give high level courses to qualified teachers.