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10 Events in Nara

Nara University of Education is located in the center of the ancient capital, Nara, and is surrounded by an abundance of nature and a number of traditional cultural properties, including world heritage sites. Taking advantage of this, this university offers a variety of opportunities to deepen one's understanding, through experiencing the beautiful natural environment and cultural properties exclusive to Nara. For example, the university actively promotes exchanges with the nearby Nara National Museum. Through experiences such as this, students can come to have a real understanding of "internationalization" and Japanese traditional culture and relay this information to the world.

Traditional Events in Nara

Month Day Event Remarks
1 Late-January Wakakusa-yama Hill on fire Wakakusa-yama Hill
2 3 Setsubun Mantoro (Lantern Festival) Kasuga Taisha Shrine
3 1-14 Todai-ji Temple Omizutori Ceremony Todai-ji Nigatsu-do Hall
5 1 Ice Dedication Festival Himuro Shrine
19 Uchiwa-maki (Fan Throwing Ceremony) Toshodai-ji Temple
7-10 1-30 Illuminated Promenade Todai-ji Temple, Nara National Museum, Kasuga Grand Shrine, etc.
8 Mid-August Nara To-Kae Nara Park, etc.
14 and 15 Lantern Festival of Kasuga Grand Shrine Kasuga Taisha Shrine
15 Daimonji Okuribi Tobihino, Mt. Takamado
Todai-ji Temple Manto (10,000 lights) Lantern Ceremony Todai-ji Temple
30 and 31 Basara Festival Nara, Saidaiji
10 Early October Uneme Festival Sarusawa Pond
Mid-October Deer Antler Cutting Nara Park
10-11 Late October–Early November Shoso-in Exhibition Nara National Museum
12 Mid-December Kasuga Wakamiya On-Matsuri Festival Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Daibutsuden, Todai-ji Temple
Daibutsuden, Todai-ji Temple
  Sarusawa Pond
Sarusawa Pond