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There are a variety of options available when studying overseas, such as language study programs, short/long-term study programs for undergraduate/graduate students, and study in overseas graduate schools. The period length varies depending on students, from a few weeks to a few months, a year, or longer. Whichever the option decided on, the most important thing is to have a clear vision and purpose for your studies.
In this section, we will introduce the overseas study programs offered to its students by Nara University of Education.
Along with these opportunities, students can also enjoy the benefits of international exchange with foreign students on campus through studying and spending time together, as well as learning to respect each other's culture and customs.

1 Foreign Exchange

There are student exchange programs between our university and the international partner universities shown in the table below, and every year one or two students of each university are able to study as exchange students for up to one year. This period of foreign exchange is counted as equivalent to that required by our university, and the credits the student earns in the partner university are treated with equivalency by our university following a review process.
A few exchange students may also be accepted by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) through its exchange student support program (short-term) and provided with a scholarship. Other students need to study overseas at their own expense, and also pay tuition to Nara University of Education during their period of overseas study. In this way, they will be exempt from the admission fee and tuition costs of the partner university.

University (Country) University (Country) University (Country)
Indonesia University of Education Xi'an International Studies University (China) University of Bucharest (Rumania)
Kongju National University(South Korea) Heidelberg University (Germany) Lock Haven University (USA)
Yeungnam University (South Korea) Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 University (France) Central Michigan University (USA)
Gwangju National University of Education (South Korea)

The application process for exchange students is conducted in the autumn of every year. In general, when students apply in their sophomore year and pass through in-house screening (academic achievement report, interview, etc.), they go abroad in their junior year. Application prerequisites are 57 credits or more for the school education teacher training course, 54 credits or more for the general subject course, and satisfactory results from language examinations.

Short-Term Program

Short-term language programs at Yeungnam University, Xi'an International Studies University and Central Michigan University are now under implementation review.

Other Programs

There are usually notices regarding governmental scholarship programs offered by certain countries, and we post information on these on notice boards or through other methods. For details on each overseas study program, please direct inquiries to the Foreign Student Affairs, Student Affairs Section.