About this center Center for Intercultural Exchange and Studies

Center for Intercultural
Exchange and Studies

About this center

The division of "cultural diversity education and research" split off from the center for "education and research of sustinable development and cultural properties" and was founded as autonomous division in April of 2014. It aims to promote international exchange and develop educational environment that takes cultural diversity into consideration by adapting a student exchange program.

To foster teachers who have a global view, we conduct international exchange and oversea study, activate international exchange on the campus and cooperate and share information with outside organization

(1)International exchange and oversea study

For studying overseas, we have interviews, have a guidance in advance and have a send off party.
For studying in Japan, we send international students a preparation kit and educational materials in advance, conduct a placement test, conduct a course guidance, conduct a guidance for culture experience program and a school trip and conduct a guidance for a final report.

(2)Activating international exchange on the campus

Nakkyon's Café, National language material reading club, Partner university introducing event, International students introducing event for new students

(3)Cooperation and information sharing with outside organizations

Organizing a seminar, Cooperation with the university affiliated schools, Cooperation with elementary , Jr high and high schools in Nara prefecture, WEB site operation.

We keep updating and upgrading international student study programs including Japanese Studies Student Program and Teacher Training Students Program with a view to encouraging interaction between Japanese and international students in class rooms.