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What is the 乬Development of a Model System Project for Teaching Profession Subjects?乭
Purpose: To create a structured system for helping students obtain a grasp of the significance, roles, knowledge, skills, challenges, etc. associated with teaching professions and organize their learning on a more proactive level, and assisting them in acquiring practical teaching ability by focusing on the development of 乬expert teachers乫 competency乭 with the eventual goal of restructuring and systemizing units of specialized subjects for teaching professions and units of practical subjects for teaching.

Concrete performance objectives:
(1) Systemization of specialized curriculum for teaching professions
(Development and administration of model for teaching profession curriculum based on goal-achievement criteria)
(2) Establishment of practical teaching curriculum
丂丂丂(Development and administration of model for practical teaching program with assumed four-year enrollment period)
(3) Cultivation of 乬teachers乫 proficiency乭 for students
丂丂丂(Course instructors仼仺School instructors)

Nara University of Education
Nara University of Education
Teachers' Competency Model Development Project
[Official Name:Development
of a Model System for Teaching Profession Subjects]
Supported by a grant from Japan Ministry of Education for the Project of
Development of a Model for Teacher Competencies 2010-2012
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