International Exchange Room

here is an International Communication Room in Lecture Building 3. Students can use PCs, magazines and DVDs anytime. In this room, you will find a bulletin board which you can get information about scholarship, job search and international events.

Health Care Center

Health Care Center take a band-aid measures. It is free in charge. If you get injured or feel sick, please come to the Center. You can also get information about other clinics about here.

And you can use the Student Counseling Service. The counselor must keep your details of consultation and they don’t share any information with your teachers or staffs. If you have any worried or concerns, please feel free to use this service.

Office hour (Health Care Center)
8:30-17:15 (Monday to Friday)
Office hour (Student Counselling Service)
11:00-14:00 (Tuesday to Thursday)
10:00-17:00 (Friday)(13:00-14:00 is closed)

Information Processing Facilities

You can use the PC of the university freely when you make some reports for your classes.


Office hour
9:00-21:00 (Monday to Friday)
10:00-17:00 (Saturday)

Placement Support Office

There are some books for job hunting in Japan. If you are interested in getting a job in Japan, please consult with a staff at Student Affairs Section.