Department of Teacher Training and School Education NARA UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION

Educational Progress Pedagogy  Based on the three pillars of school education, social education, and family education, we train teachers who can broadly view the lifelong activity of education.
Psychology We train teachers who can promote the growth of children and students by taking into account their psychological characteristics.
Early Childhood Education We develop professionals in education (childcare) who can see the development of children from birth, infancy, and childhood. 
Special Support Education To be an educator who cares for and responds to the needs of children and families living with disabilities and developmental difficulties.
Curriculum and Instruction Japanese With a rich background in Japanese language and culture, we train teachers who can improve the Japanese language skills of children and students.
Social Studies Through comprehensive study of the nature of human beings and society, we develop teachers who have acquired a broad perspective and deep insight.
Mathematics The goal of this program is to train teachers with a deep background in mathematics who have excellent teaching skills in arithmetic and mathematics and are rich in humanity.
Science Students will study the nature and natural phenomena around them in depth, and will be trained to become education professionals with a broad education and high level of expertise in natural science and education.
Music In order to help children grow through music, we train teachers with rich sensitivity, practical skills, theory, and educational practice.
Fine Arts This class trains teachers who can provide guidance and support for the growth and development of children and students in elementary and junior high schools, and who can steadily nurture their creative abilities (expressiveness and appreciation).
Health and Sports Science We train professionals in health, physical education, and sports who have practical leadership skills.
Home Economics This class aims to nurture teachers who can study life scientifically and acquire the ability to teach life and health in order to support students' independence.
Technology We will train teachers with high technological skills to promote "Monozukuri(handicraft)", which supports "Japan as a country of technology".
English Focusing on English as a language of international communication and the cultures of the English-speaking world, this class support teachers with an international perspective.
Traditional Culture Calligraphy Using the traditional culture of calligraphy, we will develop teachers who will nurture students who are emotionally rich and can contribute to society.
Cultural Heritage We will create an education that conveys and utilizes the contents and skills of cultural assets through the cultural heritage that is a characteristic of Nara.

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