Isabela Maria Aguilarさん 公開日  :  2023-11-10

Nara ISC/ 国際戦略センター(@奈良教育大学)

Isabela Maria Aguilarさん
【2019年10月~2021年3月 教員研修留学生プログラム】

教員研修留学生として本学で研修を受けたIsabela Maria Aguilarさんから帰国後の活躍と留学中の振り返りが届きました。

 What are you doing now?

After completing the MEXT Teacher Training Program in Nara University of Education, I returned to the Philippines and taught English to high school students for two years. Currently, I am an Assistant Language Teacher under the JET Programme in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. I work with Japanese teachers in teaching English to Japanese elementary school students.

 How has your study abroad experience helped you in your current job?

Studying in Nara helped me gain an understanding of Japanese culture, gain skills in the Japanese language, and gain insight into English education in Japan. With the Japanese language that I learned, I can communicate with teachers whom I assist and plan lessons with for the English classes. The experience of living in Japan has also helped me adjust well to my current environment and have a deeper understanding of the Japanese way of life.

 Looking back now, how was your study abroad experience in Nara?

I had a unique experience studying in Nara. Since the pandemic hit at the start of the spring semester, classes were held online. Because of this set-up, I was able to meet most of the teachers and students virtually. I rarely had to go to the campus, which was very quiet with only the deer and a few of the faculty members walking around. Despite this, I was able to observe a high school English class for my research and interview the teachers. Toward the end of the year, I was able to attend a few in-person classes and do presentations in front of the class. Because of the situation, I was not able to experience many activities and immerse myself in campus life. Nevertheless, I had a lot of time to focus on writing my research. I also joined some cultural activities like making wagashi and hanging lanterns and witnessed events like 夜間特別参拝 in Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Shrine and the Shuni-e Ceremony in Nigatsudo Hall. Overall, studying in Nara gave me unique and memorable experiences that will probably never happen again in my lifetime-- an example of 一期一会.  

 What are you interested in now? What are your dreams for the future?

I am interested in English education in Japan and I intend to finish my graduate studies. I also hope to be able to do research about English education in Japan and contribute to the literature and hopefully to the development of English education in Japan.

 What would you like to say to the students of NUE?

The world is wide and there is much to learn. If you have the opportunity to study and learn from other people and cultures and share yours too, I encourage you to take it. And when you do get that chance, be present in every moment and take in as much with you.

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