AKO, DONALD AWOOさん 公開日  :  2019-01-17

Nara ISC/ 国際戦略センター(@奈良教育大学)

【2016年10月~2018年3月 教員研修留学生プログラム】

教員研修留学生として本学で研修を受けたAKO, DONALD AWOOさんから帰国後の活躍と留学中の振り返りが届きました。

I work as ascience teacher at Navrongo Senior High School in Ghana. After my graduationfrom Nara University of Education, I have become a new teacher and more poised to teach better.

I organized seminars for both teachers and students to share my experiences with them. I also held a cultural exchange program with my students to learn about Japanese culture. I organized this event with a JICA Volunteer; Miss Ayaka.

Currently I incorporate active learning into my teaching scheme a lot which I used to do less. Students are made to do projects independently and in groups and their experiences are shared in class discussions. I now make a lot of teaching learning materials for teaching. I organized my lessons better than before. My students enjoy my lessons a lot and learning has become fun!

My training at Nara University of Education has greatly improved my knowledge and pedagogy of teaching.

My most memorable moment in Nara University of Education was the time I spent with my Professors. Learning was fun! I also enjoyed the cooperation from everyone especially during school organized tours.

カテゴリ   :   教員研修留学生 , 卒業生
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