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Myat Su さん
【2016年~2017年 教員研修留学生プログラム】

教員研修留学生として本学で研修を受けた、Myat Suさんから帰国後の活躍の様子が届きました。

at the farewell ceremony of the college

  Currently, I work as a tutor(a college teacher) of educational psycology at Kyauk Phyu Education College.
Prospective teachers as well as in-service teachers come to study at there and I am enjoying my life sharing the knowledge together with the experiences.
  Nara University of Education has an excellent long lasting reputation. I had a great eventful experience. I was at Nara University of Education in 2016-2017, studying as a teacher training student, involving in a lot of other activities such as the cooking class, home stay program, visiting the schools, etc. One of the illustrious events is staying overnight in Toushijima island. We, the international students, had a wonderful time there.
  When recounting about Nara University of Education, it cannot be dismissed about NUE dormitory and deer. The dormitory life style is like a family and very cute deer can be seen around the dormitory.
  I am greatly benefiting from being a student in Nara University of Education because it is a home where kind, qualified teachers and easy loving frendship are blooming. I hope I can extend further study under Nara University of Education if I have a chance.

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